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Mermaid Spa Gift Bag

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This is a great gift to give and to get for your favorite young lady.  This cute Mermaid draw string bag comes with Mermaid dust with biodegradable glitter and a scoop.  You can therefore control the amount that will go into the bath water.  It is powdered bath bomb so you will get the Fizzy effect.  It will be a resealable bag, scoop and placed in an organza bag.  Also there is our starfish bath bomb and a mermaid soap.  A bar of our coconut verbena is also included which also includes coconut, olive oil and cocoa butter.  All ingredients are natural and safe.  Special attention should be on entering and exiting the tub to prevent any falls given oils in bath bomb and mermaid dust.   None of the products are to be ingested.  


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